Harp Sale, Rental & Services 豎琴銷售, 租借及服務

We sell wide range of lever & pedal harps for well-known brands and keep stock in Hong Kong. Please contact us for details of price & delivery.

Harp Sale – New Harp 全新豎琴

US Brand
Lyon & Healy Venus Harpsicle
Europe Brand
Salvi Camac Horngacher
Asia Brand
Aoyama Arton

Harp Sale – Secondhand Harp 二手豎琴

Harp Scores, Strings 豎琴樂譜, 弦線及配件

We sell harp scores/books for examinations, methodology, self-learning and solo pieces, etc., harp Accessories, like trolleys, benches, music stands, covers, tuning keys.

You can also purchase Harp strings for all listed brands, including.

Lever Harp Nylon / Gut / Wire

Pedal Harp Nylon / Gut / Wire

Harp Studio Rental 豎琴房租借

We offer harp studio for student practice, chamber music training, examination, etc. We have top brand lever harps and pedal harps with different size (26 strings, 34 strings, 40 strings, 47 strings). Please click here for rental price.

Rent-to-Own Program 租借至擁有計劃

We offer rent to own program to our students to allow learners to take a rented harp to home at low cost. Once your interest is confirmed, we encourage students to have their own harp to ensure regular practices. Please contact us for details of available harp model.

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