Our Professional 我們的專業

Mission & Passion

"Harmonie" is a french word meaning sweet or melodious sound, combination of different notes at the same time to produce chords the pleasant sound from the angels. Our mission is to

1. bring high quality live music with harp, flute, violin, to events, weddings, shows, private parties & charity functions.

2. promote harp instrument and educate young harpist.

3. provide ballet/dance/art training to youngsters

4. broaden performance opportunities & competition experience

Since 2014, we work together with a group of talented musicians to provide chamber music in duet, trio, quartet to our clients and continuous education to young talents. Our instructors are full of passion and holders of bachelor degree from University, diploma/ATCL/grade 8 qualification from ABRSM and Trinity College London. Apart from strength on music, we also partner with community centre to arrange ballet & Chinese dance lessons, seasonal creative arts lessons, other performance for schools & live shows.

Welcome to our Music & Art World!